Technical data - UP 40

Technical data 40 kN Crimp Force | Electro-Pneumatic | Air pressure 6 bar | 87 PSI
Process-safe Due to forced sequence control and with linear crimping movement, ideal for use in automotive and industrial applications
Application range Uninsulated contacts up to 50 mm² | Insulated terminals up to 35 mm² | Wire end ferrules up to 120 mm² | Automotive connectors up to 16 mm²
Monitoring in real time Crimp force monitoring available as an option
Different usable, with foot switch, with and without contact holding function by two-stage operation mode
Smart Variable number of inputs and outputs allows individual signals to be queried via PLC, e.g. to detect cable or connector position
Process-Monitoring Compressed air is permanently monitored, machine stops in case of error, error is visually displayed
Networkable Control of pre and post connected devices, for example advanced cable processing, is possible
Flexible React to different production orders with tool-free quickchange adapter system
Portable 45 kg weight, space saving design and portable to any place and immediately ready for use
Reliable The production quantity is recorded by the electronic piece counter
Individual Different adapters allow almost unlimited variability for individual customer solutions, use of external dies possible
Varied A selection of standard processing solutions with and without positioning system available from stock
Extendable Crimp force monitoring or reeled processing are available as an addition
User-friendly Safety or two-hand operation optionally available
Customized Customized versions in design and function are available on request
Reliable Quality Made in Germany and CE compliant


Brochure - UP 40

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