Technical data - ADS 112

Height of wire outlet min. 1115 mm
Height of wire outlet max. 1090 mm
Usable length of wire storage 800 mm
Weight of wire roller max. 100 kg
Wire diameter max. 28 mm
Width of ribbon cable max. 28 mm
Holding capacity (weight of wire reel) max. 100 kg
Infeed speed max. 2.7 m/s
Electrical connection 1 x 230V, 50Hz, 16A, 560W
Total weight (prefeeder and linear storage unit) 55 kg
Compressed-air connection 4 bar
Compressed-air quality non-oiled
Connecting the compressed-air supply Plug connection 6 mm
Functional principle max. Depends on the performance specifications of the wire processing machine and the maximum dereel speed of the wire ring
Dimensions without stand/length 400 mm
Dimensions without stand/width 650 mm
Dimensions without stand/height 400 mm
Dimensions with stand/length 550 mm
Dimensions with stand/width 650 mm
Dimensions with stand/height 1500 mm
Weight without stand 55 kg
Weight with stand 95 kg


Brochure - ADS

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