The robust all-rounder

Unrivaled robustness and durability

  • Reliable processing of wire cross sections ranging from
    0.13 to 6 mm²
  • Production of special and complex applications thanks to flexible machine configurations
  • Solid and reliable processes with powerful, durable technology
  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to the unique approach to wearing parts
  • Designed for demanding ambient conditions

Precise and outstanding quality

  • First time right – perfectly synchronized machine processes enable excellent CpK results
  • Highly robust machine configuration
  • Can be retrofitted with unique quality checking systems such as Q1250 scalable and ACD
  • Wires handled carefully, gently during processing

Productive due to fast changeover

  • High productivity performance thanks to ultra-fast machine setup and operation
  • Quick and highly efficient changing of cables, crimp tools, terminal rolls
  • New deposit system for maximum output


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