Powerful, accurate, fast 

Cutting and stripping of heavy cables

  • Easy processing of cables with outer diameter up to 35 mm  and cross section up to 300 mm² 
  • Robust machine with multiple capability options
  • Minimize wire change down-time with fast easy guide changes 
  • Rotary Stripping unit for multiple stripping of multi-layer and shielded cables*

Protective cable processing and short-wire capabilities 

  • Even short wires (minimum 50 mm in length) can be processed without any reduction in quality
  • Innovative and versatile wire collection ensures smooth workflow
  • Servo driven belt system

Attractive options for every demand

  • Wire slitting unit and ink jet marking
  • WPCS interface for integration into MES
  • Rotary inscision unit for multiple stripping of multi-layer and shielded cables (available from March 2022). The Rotary Incision Unit is retrofitable.


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