Kappa 340 – Versatile and powerful for complex wires with cross section of 0.22 – 70 mm²

Optimally equipped for wires both now and in the future

  • Cutting to length and stripping from 0.22 – 70 mm² (AWG24 – 2/0).
  • For uneven cable surfaces, battery, shielded multicore, HV, sensor wires and hard, tough, thick and thin insulation.
  • Multi-pole conductors up to 16 mm outer diameter or ribbon cables up to 16 mm wide.
  • Complex processing sequences can be produced easily and efficiently.

High reliability and simple operation

  • Proven technology of the Kappa series prevents all risk.
  • Refined for this special requirement.
  • Intuitive software for even easier operation and precise results.

Multiple processing options save time and increase capacity

  • Double blade holder for simultaneous processing with different blades.
  • Optional powerful rotary cutting unit.
  • Fully programmable slitting unit.
  • Belt drive with high torque and long support surface for optimum grip.


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