Premium quality with ACD for demanding wires

Outstanding range of wire types – machines for demanding wires 

  • Ideal for difficult-to-process wires 
  • Processes a broad range of insulation types and materials
  • Processes wires up to 16 mm² conductor cross section (AWG 5) and up to 72 mm strip length 

Excellent stripping quality 

  • Incision/quality monitoring and automatic adjustment, patented ACD technology for rotary incision 
  • 4X rotary blades for precise processing and high pull-off force 
  • Incision monitoring ACD and functions to minimize damage to conductors 
  • Article library and barcode scanning prevent input errors 

High productivity 

  • Sequential processing functions for convenient and time-saving processing of multi-conductor and multi-layer cables 
  • Barcode scanning to quickly select articles 
  • Quick mode when rotary incision is disabled

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