Zeta 620

Cost-efficient automation process

  • Enormous time savings of up to 50% due to higher efficiency and accuracy
  • Significant simplification in production 
  • Continuous data flow from ECAD or DLW to the machine
  • Cost-efficient just-in-time production for batches of any size
  • Optimal wire depositing

High productivity

  • Complex jobs are completed quickly and without great effort
  • Batch or sequence production without changeovers
  • Automatic wire changer with up to 24 different wires
  • Automated marking of the wire by inkjet and tube marking
  • Processing of five different ferrules with the CM F20 module

Reliable processing with the highest quality

  • Sequential processing of single-conductor wires in the cross-section range 0.5 – 6 mm²
  • Consistently high quality thanks to fully automatic production

Attractive entry-level model with low space requirement

  • Compact dimensions 2150 × 1545 mm 
  • Fits in any room
  • Up to two inkjet markers can be optionally integrated

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