For Z+F ferrules and integration in fully automatic machines

Technical information

The electropneumatic driven, easily adaptable crimp modules CM-AEH are specifically designed for Z+F ferrules. They can be integrated in fully automatic machines. Wires and ferrules can be crimped in the range of 0.34 up to 4 mm2 (AWG 22 – 12). Atrapezoidal crimp (CM AEH-G) or quadro crimp (CM AEH-LS) corresponding to DIN46228 part 4 are available. The machines can universally be used in the specified range. An I/O interface enables easy integration and time optimized function in fully automatic machines.



For loose insulated Z+F ferrules: 0.34 – 4 mm2 (AWG 22 – 12)/Crimping length 6 – 12 mm

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